CamMeasure Series Preview Video

Improve your business The CamMeasure Series

  • Measuring functions
    Measure height, height difference, width, bottom width, distance and area with your Camera!
  • Easy documentation
    all results as image which contains all relevant information.
  • Easy administration
    Create project folder and manage your measuerements.
  • Easy share
    Share your results as picture with business partners and friends.
  • Maximum precision
    With the expert calibration functions CamMeasure HI and MI you can reach a tolerance of just 3% while measuring.

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CamMeasure Series Pro

Cammeasure ProCamMeasure Pro - Measure any height, width, distance and area with your camera! more

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CamMeasure Series Lite

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Smash Smile

Cammeasure ProSmash Smile - Hit all Smileys and beat your friends! more

Avoid The Dots

Cammeasure ProAvoid The Dots - Touch and hold to move down! more

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