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What is CamMeasure? 

CamMeasure the interactive Measure App! With this efficient and versatile app you can always get a feel for the size of different objects, buildings and facilities maintained. From the traffic sign to skyscrapers with a few clicks you are able to measure heights, widths, distances and areas. With an in camera mode displayed crosshairs do you visor convenience and flexibility the measurement objects. For the different measurements you will be supported by measurement wizard and detailed instructions.

Supported Devices

CamMeasure is available for the following devices: iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S and 5C.
Cause of hardware limitations CamMeasure Area and CamMeasure Width are only available on iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C.

CamMeasure Height

To measure the height of a bridge or a room is possible in just two steps. Focus just the lower and upper edge, and the result will be displayed immediately. However, windows, doors or objects in nature are easily and conveniently measurable.

CamMeasure Width

With the CamMeasure Width you are able to measure widths such as rooms for estimation of distances feasible. Due to the integrated database, you are able to take your measurement results simply in the next setup or DIY store.

CamMeasure Distance

You are interested in the distance of an object to you, then you pull your Device and measure these in the next to no time. Whether in a room or an ale, CamMeasure measures for you the distance.

CamMeasure Area

With CamMeasure Area you are always able to measure a rectangular floor area.

CamMeasure Features

Simple and detailed instructions
Integrated Measurement Wizard
Measure in real time:
difference in heights

CamMeasure is your tape measure to go, at home and in almost any size!


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